Full detailed tender

This service is for when you are very close to being appointed the project but you want to make sure of all your costs before you provide a final tender to a Client.

You need to have several quotes for each package and be sure of your anticipated profit margin.

What is the service?

This is a service that we provide to builders, subcontractors, contractors. We often get asked to price projects on their behalf as they may not that the time nor resources to do this. It is the next step on from a detailed estimate and is more costly.
We provide a service whereby we look at the drawings and information and provide a document that lists out all the tasks and the likely cost of each task. We get several prices for each sub package and calculate the exact allowance for preliminaries and profit. This allows builders, subcontractors and contractors to confidently submit a final tender to their Clients.

We’ll provide you with the tender in an excel format and we can incorporate your business logo and details so that you can quickly forward it on to your Client. We recommend proceeding with a full tender when you are close to signing a contract with the Client and you want to check your exact anticipated profit. Or of course you could be asked by your Client to provide a tender and so this service is perfect for you.

Advantages Of A detailed Estimate

Using our service, you can avoid the issue of underestimation.

This can ensure that you do not face any unexpected issues with the final cost of the project.

Estimates can also ensure that the project can be adjusted to fit your financial requirements.

Alternatively, you may use an estimate to abandon a project or complete a full overhaul of your plans.

If you are working with a client an over-estimation can cause you to lose a contract.

A full or detailed estimate is developed by determining the costs and quantities of everything that a contractor will be expected to complete for a project.

It is the most reliable and arguably the best form of the estimate.

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