A detailed cost estimate

This service is for a Client is serious about getting a project started. You have already advised them of a feasibility cost for the project and now they want to get a detailed breakdown. At this stage it makes sense for you to invest more money in developing this detail. You are close to being appointed to being the contractor for this project.

What is the service?

This is a service that we provide to builders, subcontractors, contractors. We often get asked to price projects on their behalf as they may not that the time nor resources to do this. We provide a service whereby we look at the drawings and information and provide a detailed measure of the works and apply rates to each item of work. This can be used to provide the head client with a detailed breakdown of the likely cost of the package. This allows builders, subcontractors and contractors to price works quickly for their Clients without having to spend huge amounts of time pricing dozens of projects including contacting subcontractors and suppliers.

We’ll provide you with the estimate in an excel format and we can incorporate your business logo and details so that you can quickly forward it on to your Client. If you want a more detailed estimate, the next step is a full tender including obtaining prices from subcontractors. We do provide this service but of course it is more costly. We would not recommend investing in a detailed tender until you know you have a strong chance of winning the work.

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